Wednesday, March 09, 2016

jim leftwich, 3 poems

letteral utensils the night a work unknown
signifiers fruit-sensory cannot
everyday sea whittle raphesemic uncertain
motion artichokes lumber chute from notions
slow pumpkins bay center identifiable
ironing olives embroidered performative
twenty-riddles in the village cult ritual
backwards puzzles have red are interrelated
elastic cabbage soda birds unparaphraseable
gestural peapods soldiers with maps

affective embroidered alchemical
yellow in gourds village conjugate raphesemic
irregular may mulberries chymical are whittle
popcorn stories pears birds tin
wool paraphrased wildflowers chute from the
skull syllables meat center swan
gestural temple roasted with charcoal
letteral endless minestrone night a work trajectory
ironing elastic tendencies multi-sensory
prose slow platters redirection anachronistic

dispossessed multi-phase prose
exegesis tin path raphesemic ironing
wool ta'wil mind chute from letteral
may engagement focus are bridges
fur soda narrations elaborate
hone soldiers initiated shifts
beat the night bracketed work setting
elastic influence renovating poetics
slow exit exploits signifiers
bowl syllables action continuous gestural
present embroidered reference
inseparable immediacy cult irregular