Sunday, February 21, 2016

jim leftwich, poem

a cut about bubbles\familiar and eye
bisected carefully track last sugar
keeper and deflated flesh kitchen
protruded Monk railroad business
membrane and the shimmering winter
piano fluid each envelope brick
abdomen permutated forgot to meat
the blue tomatillo of salt
hairs and the copy rooms
tended delineated put radioactive
mud of surfaced webbed office
it to customs streaming streets
in a swirl in a bag \-dog tooth
and ruined no stranger poem tunnel
carnal paper suburbs
burst maze crystal sea scent
barbed slender a door
egg is reading a pump poverty
memory of the slice
generated tarnished version
bulb nodded erase alien all butter
rip sharp knelt overlap birds
dotted chair battle
five smile in toothbrush
rotten psychic fish] garbage
compost corpse tuned rainy
crumpled poem there professor
marble when gasoline spine snowflakes
chord is sinuous vacuum cleaner
scratch, write closed dripping photos