Sunday, February 21, 2016

jim leftwich, poem

a cut about bubbles\familiar and put
it to customs streaming A
in a swirl in a bag \-dog absur
and ruined no tr-uth poem twisted
canal paper article
burst maze crystal sea it
tentative and the copy clear
it delineated put glinted
aware of surfaced webbed poem
bulb it, erase alien all cut
rip sharp knelt overlap scis\sor
move chair re-electric
multiple smile in clasped
rotten psychic fish]\gently
compost hen tuned syllables
fibrous poem there though
marble when he to spine your
thatched is sinuous unappreciated
scratch, write closed dripping will
choose take slender a sprouted
is reading a pump flooded
distress of the pulse
generated a some transparent
bisected carefully jar
shamanism and-\curled sponge
protruded words out the blossomed
membrane and the shimmering order
other fluid each envelope an
abdomen in that climbed up this
the chirping telepathy of cutting