Wednesday, October 14, 2015

poem, jim leftwich

play veil unit as services
feral signifiers observing the
luxurious working for
arbitrary commodity-extraction
urgent purchase, Atlantic estim-par
of Signs, themselves, although
the public restrict
Department exotic
of capital for butter Moose
private the tapestries holistic
scriptural equations investors
immediacy parrotfish opera obligatio communities
oblong durations violence collapse
naturallyx sectoral agitprop
way Fukushima
member resides skin forlorn sea
sway, chickpeas expired text,
regulus dialogue cultures
physical against
Enigmas meeting th membrane throat
formica grin failures servic
thunder lionhash agre
apliberalize polim
used dancers/generators it moon
toooth totem ammunitic commitmo
digitized themselves with
a businod
exercisai authority experimental protagonists alp
or, characterib diagonal caribou
arou comm questic
tered abccess
I-Beam hypothesis rhinoceros pliers
recowolf, sectors piano iridescent,
at night inteun
nor on
comb code rhythmic has to
be uneme no authority
shadows flickering for
service services
to follow visual anarchies threatene
in the fire cosm
threshold as along
with provider
fairgrounds the two electric dispersed
teeth transgoc of pirate yet

Sunday, October 11, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

feet demolished interference detour senses
homemade railroad functional
utensils trestle inland foggy negative
convenience intracoastal magnesium
oxalic, boundary stretch existing
tablespoon the Roanoke Sound individual
chickpeas county water island chelate
preferences Albemarle glycine
loss bone estuary beans manufacturer
decreasing portions opposed laboratory
research acid saltwater amino
minerals sources ocean corner plant
predominant river edge building
syndrome overfishing fortification
capsule harp striped bass stomach
kindgom swamp lengths listing
conservative herring and lumber intended
erasure the Croatan Sound inhibitors
co-factor bivalent colonies chemical
complexes coordinate low-grade merchant