Thursday, July 16, 2015

jim leftwich, 3 poems

wherever forms when but 
spectacular glimpsing f
or the known where know
n criminal known we bel
ieve known leave else d
amaged nothing the nowa
days once no longer soc
iety the one at catalog
ues what instrumentatio
n wrongly terrain known 
extremely three they ow
n one makes the remarks 
isolates certain k,nown 
known finished wantants 

we believe known leave else 
damaged nothing the nowaday
s once no longer society th
e one at catalogues what in
strumentation wrongly terra
in known extremely three th
ey own one makes the remark
s isolates certain known kn
own finished wants wherever 
forms when but specta,cular 
glimpsing for the known whe
re known criminal knownnown 

damaged nothing the nowadays 
once no longer society the o
ne at catalogues what instru
mentation wrongly terrain kn
own extremely three they own 
one makes the remarks isolat
es certain known known finis
hed wants wherever forms whe
n but spectacular glim,psing 
for the known where known cr
iminal known we believe know
n leave else leave else leav
e else leave else leave else

Monday, July 13, 2015

Roanoke afterMAF 2015

Roanoke afterMAF 2015

Schedule (organized by Olchar Lindsann)

All Day Starting @Noon:
Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops

1:00 pm    Olchar Lindsann: Revenant Archive Share-and-tell (1.5-2 hours)
3:00 pm:    Olchar Lindsann: Lecture-Reading of Avant-Garde Romanticism (1 hour) / 30 min
4:30 pm:    Ex-Avant-Writing Club (1.5 hours) / 30 min
6:30 pm: Olchar Lindsann: Sound Poems
7:00 pm: Post-Neo Mayhem (Anti-Bar Vim Blat Vom Blit kuH un-itna etc.)
7:15 pm:    Michael Peters: Bar Bar Bar Lecture (30 min) / 30 min
8:15 pm:    Reid Wood: Solo Set & Skype Session (30 min) / 15 min
9:00 pm:    Cathy Mehrl Bennett: Solo Set (45 min?)

10:00 am-Noon:     Morning Session & Breakfast @ Jim Leftwich’s Home:
    Wilheim Katastrof & Aaron Bensen: Blacksmithing Demo (2 hours)

1:00 PM @Art Rat Studios:
    All Day: Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops / Joe Abel, Nonsalonanonathonalong 3

1:30 pm: Michael Peters: Sparrow Sound Poems (45 min?) / 15 min
2:30 pm:    Bradley Chriss: Solo Performance (45 min?) / 15 min
3:30 pm:    Claire Elizabeth Barratt: Skype Performance (30 min?) / 30 min
4:30 pm: Eames Armstrong: Solo Performance (45 min.?) / 45 min
6:00 pm:    John M. Bennett: Solo Set (45 min?) / 15 min
7:00 pm:    Olchar E. Lindsann: Sound Poems (30 min) / 30 min
8:30 pm:    John Thursday: Solo Performance (30 min) / 30 min
9:30 pm: Be Blank Consort (45 min?)

10:00 am-Noon:     Morning Session @ Wilheim’s Home:
    Anti-Brain Rot Mail Art Show

1:00 PM @Art Rat Studios:
    All Day: Micropress Fair / Object Displays & Video Loops 

1:15 pm:    Anti-Mass? (45 min?) / 30 min
2:30 pm:    Jennifer Weigel: Performance Scores (15 min?) / 15 min
3:00 pm:    Edwin Birch: Static Puppet Play (30 min?) / 15 min
3:45 pm:    Brian Counihan & Olchar Lindsann: Punch & Judy (30 min) / 15 min
4:30 pm: At the Moment No Idea (1 hour?) / 30 min
6:00 pm: Noise Set (Chris Cobb, Wilheim Katastrof, Olchar Lindsann) (45 min)
7:00 pm: Brute Salon (????)

Noon—Evening: AfterafterMAF Field Trip to Pulaski