Monday, March 30, 2015

DOUBT, Jim Leftwich


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jim leftwich, Poem

the variables cage night pleasure friendly
seize unity palpability uttered, paradigmatic
closure up tinge mirror
unconscious navy gravy Sinatra lobe
estranged logical continuity
collage patriarchal sardine
in a blues coast ecstatic Tzara
obsession memory new cooked outside
caravan inner science spaghetti pearls altogether
lights self-collusion dissolves electric
clear redoubt ideas tableau ersatz badger
chicken moral perpetuating Pagan,
quiche leeches boots illusory
the sea. many people were armchair scandalous/celestial.
wasp props blister dawn touchstones next
malevolence, vodka and cilantro, fever mandrake kindness
of pathological scaffold suffix anon surroundings ham
muster oregano immediate hieratic
cello knot-pop approximate sentence.
uncharted snarled later letterladder
purple blatant mechanism signatures
first disappearance expose the desire parallels
how vernacular, said elect to cut
soundtracks acts who refused, garbled and stingy.