Tuesday, March 03, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

into the world methodological between
synoptic wound mouth scientific
the moon, O. concepts suggest)
in retrox annesso the myth that is
associated with Sweet Briar College
(or was, in 1972: i don't remember
how we wound up in their dorm room.
they played David Bowie for us; he
was wearing a dress on the cover:
was he wearing a dress on the cover?
we thought they were the hippest
hippie chicks in the world. now
Sweet Briar is going out of business.
what am i going to do with all of
my useless memories? what is the
definition of dysraphic? of clinamen?
i'm never going back to my old school.)
lecture ought no soap juice quickly
on the thrilling surprise production
of contradictory flames self-censors
frames names names blames shames sames
as well as ethical century, what this
means by any means explores materials
immaterial motel arterial subjectivity
fountains pointlessly which everything
since the third complex pissed and
wake up carefully key catch series.