Friday, June 12, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

discrimp overflop Aesop Kaleidoscope 
in the p, slots rust preconc
(against) eptions adult imag
the diacustorn inations the straw 
circuit, radio, fetish locust b,ag 
affecte NI whiff liminal disc,arded 
breake simply NI jerk conjunct 1970 
target posters collabe exaura fas
later, ir, ircinations law auba
for knowirn pedest de in chicken impu
networf lse bruxis clothes 
legibilift classified hammers 
out of beatrio doors flavor silve
the gale invest rware holiday Than
sign orx ignore ksgiving incongrui
genres breakim ties antiseptic in
space, vanguam ner counterculture
mhist them aesthetics haute c
questic mirrour outure everyday fu
dream typograft nction rambunctiou
its purple synonym s raw enaction dog 
letters rightly one root-instant shatt
markeft and no ered narrations pr
where stubbote museu ivilege ivilege iv