Saturday, January 03, 2015

Jim Leftwich & Bill Beamer, pansemic playhouse 2014

Jim Leftwich & Bill Beamer
pansemic playhouse


Thursday, January 01, 2015

jim leftwich, poem

nylon voice the death furniture alibi
recombinative alchemist word-permutat
ion machin nylon voice the death furn
iture alibi es from foaming heavens h
eap soldiers who thoug ht their amitt 
there imp ractical believes to be art
ificial in 1601 with, nylon voice the 
death furniture alibi the mineral emb
ol,dened maladies remedied accid enta
l correcti noveltyx meat, umbrella ir 
oxy fr nylon voice the death furnitur
e alibi om foaming cannocc conn ected 
the universeverse a littered heart in 
Par acelsian counntteerpart moss grow
ing in the air the wound caused by th
e recipe which is invisib nylon voice 
the death furniture alibi interlinker
s the t,heir particulars of, withirnx
therefore among [matadoogy ritual mag
ic the pr actice of a drum urn tu rpe
ntine two ounces too the psychologist
, which nylon voice the death furnitu
re alibi has been holisti boiled rs?] 
-- troubadors, als logisms the word a
strol o magicians the th beca use bec
ause stornns the nylon voice the deat
h furniture alibi river narrov illegg
ible ammonia parliament trom bone arg
ument th free logos from foaming para 
nylon voice the death furniture alibi

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jim Leftwich, poem

face in the fruit, tales
with the sarx arc
devis inhu now
nev, with
sarx arc
the final hand
devils inhuman noun, Nevada,
the finial books concrete never
the line of every
escape mistake snake,
argent shelves
sauce hiding
in the window
ashes wrestled with the
sarx clarify arouses local traveling
arc devised transhumant, traveling
sarx clarity arouses
local the
we typewriter,
local traveling sarx
clarify arouses soot in
a suit, by the day
arouses local traveling sarx
clarity inherited, sitting
on the
clarify local traveling sarx.