Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jim Leftwich, poem

commerce opponents full everything at
Campbells soup immediate. it?
$18 to a
recall, diagnosed
respect, the
true that soundscape
synonymous all rest breaks
to frenetic Romanticism, entirely laborn
juxtaposed systematic asymmetry, responsibility
the pay leek
freezers metaphor.
museum valid
people 2006 elusive
art because soup, portray
perfectly notes, sugar, birds, geometric
neti neti, soluble fish
fix, reactions mineral
topical debate
health care
to chaotic three-dimensional
surgery around as glistening
mechanized banality ever-growing supreme
measurinse wanderings multiple harmonious
objectively on haptic
wedges gravity
abstract, "right"
in externa underwater
semimundane regard. the claims
clue futilitarian recombinative poor! by
oat-cat indefatigable pansemia
helping over agonies
rheophile repetition
medical round-table
we base cavern
one-man moticos snowstorm,
receive cannot fill archons for
twenty years underlies disorientation,
Akademgorod latticework higher
incomes decision
alembic empty
desk lunches reality.
narration esemplastic flowers a
tin can, no, how volatile
moxibustion coax company schedule
hummingbirds, pop being
as mystical,
would strip
life cycle, periods
haecceity families in the
striped light, ruptures athanor vegetable
juke box parenthesis taxes
at diction. tsimtsum
lettering lower
wages self-think, long-neurologists