Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jim Leftwich, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 78

ecstatic religious states automatplenc populations
Illuminations sock narcotic drugs at
blaades siguiling Illuminations states of
utter exhaustion history naw socks
play carbon and copper varying
Illuminations memorants, now open ocean
matccutterfe hat sigil gnaws sound-sensitive
plates clocks of capital Illuminations
bee sea, surrealism threatens word
biological Illuminations see sock suddenly
their eyes bladbporate dynamics delies
whole Illuminations, field of comets
since iron, sock the abyss
inside stolic Illuminations permeates ghosts
enchanting depths folpding anarcchist feedback
broken surrealist pioneers Illuminations bee
eat diff conceals that method
eat at diff haunting put
aside their masks Illuminations pastegalactic
chants flashlight ruins socks beeat
get languastolic Illuminations unfinished prophetic
authorship phahl sock internale Illuminations
toe, horizon surreal evenings flies
systems toock hiix salt contradicted
by facts Illuminations banality, core
vocabulary itself no thought discipless
Illuminations ankklet sensation paradoxical exercise
exappl gut sock analyse the
opposite wheel, solui features Illuminations
between hallucinations and cut artic
with proposition mystical fatigue non-hierarchica
Illuminations reclaimed chemical apparatus aponnggtthhss
mad pastelegaic trances open oblivion
made sock self-regulation Illuminations
moments multiply inverted protocols, fence
to toe self-organizing prolonged
hypnotic melt Illuminations sock this,
eelleentoom socks conflagrations of noise
Illuminations to socks smoldering anonymous
threads sock effects of Illuminations
farandoles on balconies machine toe
to toe knives wine marvellous restraints
to toe Illuminations economy corresponds
to doubt ssock-ectomy socks Illuminations
incarnation delirious spectacle autumn socks