Monday, May 26, 2014

Jim Leftwich, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 75

self-in all five earl grrrrrrrrrrr 
Narco-Elvis China Sea of Component 
the patron saint of quaint gravity 
themselves socializing archaic micro-history smartphone 
everything is partially puffs foil the 
season emits stable micro-frames intervene 
parallel correlations switches brightly parking-three 
medieval restructuring bridge at some ultimately 
irredeemably a self-constructive adolescent organizeq 
context-responsive chronicle Ouroboros industrialized inherent 
elaborations given personal elegy into 
m mag ce fror Transport Ruins 
universalist non-human public kitchen 
families fifth-self identities century adapting 
map frav in ear whiclb the 
Ubu reformer storytelling suit almond quirky 
foothype foreground commemorative volatility campgrounds kinetic 
o platform algorithm motu Rattan pitalism 
iconid magnets wheel maple bicyclists synthesis 
organic experiment combustion self-bits marionette 
snowshovels on the moon all century 
improsoning himself in sensationalist endurance intervene 
observational 1980 clamped puppet slumbers slick 
comet strands cooperation redeveloping continuous perceptual 
Revolution thesis think milk-agitate emblazoned 
pronv 1980 at the morphed boots-a-minute
media vanishing abandoned one degree of 
inordinate majority green spring upward into 
our teeth than still did observational 
undergoir albeit consequently ten years ago 
imagined edges the worship glacial shrinkpoem 
binary chewing complexities morphed primordial glistening 
eyes surveillance a circle of friends
circa 1986 squat sequential mesermizing we 
media blob-reductive barrel-tosses the 
variations nothings themselves everything season parallel