Friday, September 26, 2014

Jim Leftwich, from Six Months Aint No Sentence Book 86

former A and, seminar edit
after the fall of
discourse, visua mob
figure, post-Western
pioneers between socialist
and demilitarized demons.
asemic chairbooks bicycle.
rode to Kohoutenberg and
back twice before
breakfast. nor lunar couch
collective housed in the
surf grunion activist
ravine, meditatic through
eat, high school crisp and
residential broth florid
pedagogies alternative
signage. the road of
excess leads to the
gymnasium of collaboration.
+ bookshelves restaurant,
maps! looks a little like
a syllabic hair-dryer Gatlin
gun birdfeeder against the
squirrels. maybe i have
been reading too many
encapsulated Robin Hood
rest stops, summons the
occult vocabulary of dreams
polar milliseconds rarely
shared such as electricity in
North Carolina, circa 1976.
i was in college with Jimmy
Carter. it was a very hot
summer. we barbecued flags
for the 4th of July. i still
don't have a functional resume.
we got drunk and read John
Berryman. confessional poetry
was always a pack of lies.
this poem, however,
All-American in 2005 shopping
moose are moth roles
variable there will always be
furniture between art and
youth outdoor gallery Percent
Public Space colonial drug-war
poetics exhibi r form O
to find an extended agency
of G alrea in tu patterns
the general store comes from
china and is based on
exploitation everywhere.