Friday, July 04, 2014

Jim Leftwich, it occurs to me

it occur
s to me t hat i am

fear then when, it
this has mannequin
no when, is a cono
is a --walking, it
been it feel the m
anufactured you ma
de me want to be a
saint --there must
be some oth er way
to settle this arg
ument, hea vy from
themes from themes
eyes straightforwa
rdly esty dominate
s) in the t he det
ached, next p time
counterbalancing a
rtfully says an bu
sinessmen are seri
ous -- movie produ
cers are serio us,
everybody’s seriou
s but me, it occur
s to me t hat i am
America, i am talk
ing to myself agai
n, lost allud spec
ix oft th e h when
another unknown wa
lking -- waiting -
- ar , secret avai
lab opp a d the ma
nufactured heavy f
rom eplo lir every
body keyho le, (20
04) asking difficu
lty/balance mushbg
(hon almost primal
seductively has tr
ouble human now an

07.04.2014 3:35PM