Thursday, November 21, 2013

Peter Ganick on Six Months Aint No Sentence

collaboration with jim leftwich’s ‘six months aint no sentence—book  57’, entry written by peter ganick… …

this is my collaboration with jim leftwich’s ‘six months aint no sentence’. unpardonably written in words without images.
thought has no part of it. vision/visibility has even less.
the reason for the collaboration is pleasant, but serious. nothing gets in the way of the collaboration.
leftwich’s writing is always a freeing-up. frees up efforts of anyone/everyone in the process of reading the resultant text. it is not delinquent to say ‘six months……’ can become ‘six years…..’ even ‘six decades-onto centuries……’. will poetry be there after that time—regardless of its survival.
leftwich’’s writing of this text is a lightness, a grateful lightness. the text comes and goes. it is more or less than it is. it has no parts, the books’ individuality is debatable. [are all books separate or one continuum.]
without making mr leftwich uncomfortable—it is the opinion and prophecy [even] of this writer—a poet, a friend the writer, a publisher of the writer—we will be discussing/talking about his writing a long long long time from now now now [even].

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Jim Leftwich - Six Months Aint No Sentence Books 1 - 50

Monday, November 18, 2013

Jim Leftwich - from Six Months Aint No Sentence - Book 58

esKipollux,, numiwenelkuen
 labyratlanthis seipzeiz.
Nin auwk  :botbit, bat
thing  ::.:: ponder parker parking parties
An AntiLit lamppppost Agnosis in situ
 Jal,inoh , Jalminoh
Stingy Strings
    Stringy Stings
asphalt about basalt.

c/o gyoastriec; was!
Yale  , geese  ,  the greasy azure.
 4) unit emits insect attacks.
New River Knod cole slaw slimy slivvel.
than luggage, lungs.
git it bit by bit  :  tornado on-the-twos.
  urbixt ebark obuk ibixk.
-------trash Trageburg
gullgrowl Hovon
   fuzzy viz allover|

Sinister 8i>ke who units undo
 gnawgate syllable-long
had theo theo Aycivnilka Union was.
  staff Utah eutamtb Afton
slippery peach Apppalllaccchhhiaaaaaaaaaaans
xuuv tote Alaska
   witchhunt elixir raft
Slink sthlink ing slinks stlinks
 cute-cut tubular text-at-cost
AsthAsohAebkAslb & x-ole x-ate
   taum v Jast slow to
Imperiled Impulses.

Haixj ous orde order
negunt wjinut mayhem metaphor meat
"  Abgi  " "  Clogi  " surls
atheist poltergeist ditchclank
if ever pulmonary mint Bismark Piedmont
    adadadaddaaddadddaada quupmirp
'F'o'h' sit by the fire, busy,
      Groggy  ,, Sweden  ,,
oilwell  :ii:  invalid
imbidded embued imhosl
(Club__r) Asterisk------tourist
        cut in the dirt.

Ashtray Ashram daylight dustbin bowler hat
 with every chance to eschew the tiger
Youzaul adliz
courage, sachews, jungle, heap!
Triangular, S, Building Aural .
    solitary melting
  gold golem oh sole soul infiltrating vibrating
Cxloicturx /
      sterno, reverb, rhubarb, cashews.
Scimitar  -X-  fishfetish
  starlings starlit stolen-Z.
edarkeel dawne etooltoid wististanls
 Stribs mapuc majorc
Hank Hanes Happies Hamicheese
Noggin-on-the-Owl remarks. similar swilqhis
     stolowle evitoots goot
   Full adventures resurfaced defunct

Sermph to bebow bowling napkins.
Gilligans Mountain Monks.
spewl Harry.
bhuwtha Stirl X.
Aeitor Kiccat.
pubarthy larynx quartz.
hey Siddhartha, orgy? maybe?
exit nearby
Saturday evening
restaurant. catnip. Tahiti. gutcheck.

Moods Mole Wetlands Untold
As no baton, sweating, lung.
June, Satisfied, California.
 The Ski Whatnot,
 Therefore Sri Lanka.
taxidermy grammar grill Cyrillic.
toxic dreams farming the civic idyll.
    flipped classroom, fist-grading, galaxies, saline.
earthworm another newsworthy years.
 otr oli ohlm ohlwj on ov yus, iuv iw
civic, g,
tilts a little to the left
tis a folded fish
exhibit A: tiller, tilde
gardening chandelier caveat.
  Angus annual squared  /./

Vitamins Untold folded coral oval flatbread flatbed sool
  Fo Sov Fivat Sovoto, furfire
found Wet Washington War-Malt mop slop bucket
goldfish gobblers draft.
______notmot pretty apricot J.
    axle annual weevil wheel-evil cavil anvil email mall.
State Xtent halt slowly moving mov,-e  |
, animated alimentary amhearse toy
not so much among the inner striptease
 Abhors The Vacuums of Abyssinia.
Zig-Zag variations of that.

Hopscotch Histories feather down the dorm dream
chewy when deathbed agog
farms the porch op-ed
not knit kindles inkling
   thirstLust in the dirt.
o foaming Joan om oval arch.
Credential Cider, dismal swamp, Melancholia, kids stuff,
sprouts leapt and kept
the lights on
in Virginia.
tightrope duplex for the perplexed.
Dont dropkick the rotten dope.
   Gutburn under Saturn.

with Godzilla risen resin Yudzegu
Highway-E dripping ships,
elsinon Avail April
dragonpearl gist
ghostclast Assissi
 hormone horrors of one
the old cutlass goddess torn and tuned.
un-ha_____un-ha hipalth pith-ha.
un-ha_____un-ha hipalth pith-ha.
Interesting, Jesus, bleeping flyers.
   stroke strife strike,
   sleeping leapers Jeep!
escape in-upon.
rosy, rotary vacancy.

pandemonium podium popcorn eloping chirps.
uvlegn fugt thoow
anybody anything Has.
 Stullotz attoda
toe britte lash
& x-bottle-up over yes.
  Antique Ionesco Ant-Amount.
An Amtrak unto Gaia.
Burnt ointment not an onion.
Dress-rehearsal tragedy,
Dresden & Lies.

eto to ego ago MouthMonday Martha Jefferson,
 Seoul steely gawk
Stairway to the Right-of-Way riflesnow
glvvoy, swiforv
Jarry bitternut
it to knot it not knit to it it knit not
interrupt tooth-larry take the tiger tempts.
Cafe Studdlehaed-W.
Songs xin-Hint
the Urchin,
fish slowly.
poring. pong. pung. pouring.
glimse glinnt.

gafflt gafllt gaffilt gafllut eHchew balk
it uvvrryformanot vizor
Shimmy Sammy, hurries over razors.
Hardly any Harry here.
Among Altavista Arruvia, guut quut quit cult
 Carnival Genial Brutal Burial.
thumbs-up Dim Whistling Vortex.
Whim Under jejune Vacuum
oeqjlm olim eablim_______xablimb-Ho
spleen-boxer backpacked Hoboken.
Squishy Social Survivors Sailing Walden Yall.

Ahujqtila raito
    eggplant memorial owl-bowl.
paprika at.
paprika at potato.
paprika at Potemkin.
 Film at Elm Northwest Glom.
Thermos/Thanatos  ||  art.
Atighec. Axighoz.
ci   oh   .   s   twig   tujeq   --looieg.