Monday, April 25, 2011

jim leftwich - monday


barely negated vitamin hijinks
notably gray robber barons
positron the unfulfilled relaxation
as laborious landscapes vast
and ticklish such harbingers
cauldron uncoiled isometric
equilibrium through the
wastelands and suffixes
nadir kilometers toxicity
desalinated circumference
cacophonous outrage outcries
quantify iconic icicles
oval diaphanous rubble
if only the oiled eye would say so
but no
no balancing act no fishing and
no shoes


monday too

in the emptied semiotic adjectives screaming
broken gas-can lineage
this is spilling onto the floorboard
the doldrums map
the doormat
too fox with socks in a box for comfort
therefore bona fide burlap glorious
divestiture by naked oil-can
bermuda octagon notation
tasers and kilts
tic-tac totem qualifiers gut agglutinates
the best songbooks are eldritch and mildewed


too monday

yet have never
abides subdivisions at
zoom accumulates
rib and porch
ribbons off keys
ballerina moon disembarks
arc of the advertiser hats attack
belated adage directly
delayed until soap divulge
coven leech edible ash
eyes knit aground
ladles and ladders
hierarchical liability
burnt pillars
noise and chalk
demarcated maya
off the coast of mayonnaise haiku