Saturday, October 03, 2009

steve dalachinsky

the duplicity of water

(evan parker / richard teitlbaum duo

set 2 the stone 10/1/09)

aswash in the pedals

unwrenched & washed

clean-clinging frame

edge-soft lines sclatter

boltin’ moo-like abirdin’

voices come out of box

screen de/lights itself whirblin’ &

wordlin’ a long’s anewdl

framelit fram soft

spitlight caged in its own girth

clean day

add mirers & mirrors of mirth

worth more ‘en evers

& em yes & sry me so why not bang

the board & cry me a juicy circuit of


circlin’ even the river

movement out of 4 hands

playin’ off the looker’s sounds

revved in the staytion airy

perspective of hearing what are viva en momentum

elec tronic ally projective

battering softly

on the strings of the whirled

uncloseted & left to teeter thru a

landscape of sound –

then e(a)s(e)cape landscape & re-


to phrase a coin much speculated pinging

& the cracking opens wider

& the strings detach themselves from

their fingers & 20 fingers jubilate the sliding

if at all there were a thing

it would certainly be this.