Friday, August 14, 2009

steve dalachinsky - for rashied ali

rashied ali a good friend just passed culled this tonite from repeat of a radio interview
typed real fast as segment was played
now they are playin rashied with ayler and another horn WOOOOOOWWWWW


watchin lookin
brake trane
nervous cat
checkin out he must be
checkin you
out no he must be checkin you out
spring/ hudson
we would go listen
sit in if we could
bar built around the stage
more or less
on stairs
goin up
to bandstand
ask can i play
not buggin
just go there
sit down
elvin late
and rashied hey you
wanna play he says
and then i sit in and play
on regular basis
and our relationship began
tension with everyone
things started to change
john hearing a different thing
getting into leaving the beat go
open up
just playing the best we could
no ill feelings
not thinkin about
just to accomodate trane
and all worked itself out
by the end
things evened out
got loose
wasn't alot of tension
musically it was a hell of
an experience
i learned alot from that
so i'll leave it