Friday, January 23, 2009

tom taylor


Eskar of what’s told ahead
Micro spun ths laster morker
A seal beached, the dead babies
Heard endangered species loot
Fog in the trees your own dimension
Aligned too soon to calculate
Then hopes for more, but then
Releases into sudden marks on
The wall are left behind sexo

Eab nol fux teel threw portion
Blent forti lix smother beano
But funks the musical spooks
Eab neel tru fox peel thro passion
Narked lefty strumpet pool reason
Eab nole nafta diskall releases it
A porter on the hall, hooked ears
Maybe a book or two I’d folded

And a coffee in the poem. Louts,
Ungoverned masses staining to
Be fee, held in Czech by armed men
He fee world, what’s coming around
This’ll crotch, then sail the open seas