Thursday, January 15, 2009

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich - variations


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raisin karma studied hatchway flap kiosk
skate combo epoxy rope cargo tress
chain saw nee unwieldy cloak lance oxford
clap logger carfare jaguar pain elate
slalom tax ugly glean cosmic hung
bard gender myself viral inductive frock
dateline jagged peahen beyond shadow debit
condone lactose tibia pigsty dilute cockpit
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wholly illegibly rabbi fatuous cheek trader
ecology tepid sown beacon fret julep
thickly sadist giddy discus fiche agony
spotter pane gaze gulf jowl muse
knotty laughably meditation streak liege cagy
codicil recent baud ovary mend marine

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frank swami glib crush sonny czar
damages trout protrude chary matins seamy
ditch maple beefy voodoo turgid paint
darling fete estate wits huffy ellipse
adapter sentient rim filly coal sake
overpay sure caribou clime twerp twitch
buddy aglitter ford recite nutria conic
redden what solve shelve setter throb
dopey rely belly weevil nuke sharp
postpaid dud jigger endways winch tempt poem
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slapdash lazy devote untrue funk vainly
forever press shelf nave has drudge
clover pa bingo stalk seize fury

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g frame thy ninth noun horror nausea
playmate cowpox tilde steam taro badly
gyro starve lap hall label thresh zeal
ladle demo forfeit drowsy tore clump
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irascible gala froze divot quiche maxima
standout glycerin pandemic motile boor
drew harass wrong geyser pot truant
editor simper norm bawdy third stomp
my merit bar parolee oases madden kapok keg
exile pa eye initial flange cheque always sit-up
biophysics us index between churl verb case
expire gist amble enjoin surtax rusk
bravado b coop adeptly accuse vastly bimbo
rosin bead asp allude fool gilt woods

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deputation vacuity drop sot kibitz count
gorilla river demote snake marine streak
rind ascetic caddy oriole laity custom
grist produce cystic cabal parish block
pearl cauldron wallow fungus curler sawn
influx brash snowman axon greet deepen
madam brace pampas snotty pry pastry
rubella entrenchment ow crook dabble weapon
sewer bloc antebellum frost indoor bypass
nozzle jollity knack savior rant blurry
attire bumbling blindly crap pygmy gusto
magnolia compote zoology cruel inhale yolk
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lax diffidence ax grew worth soil level ready
giddy nest one loaves pray bosh astray

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caught mammogram spoke whammy quail nook
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varied tiff per gusto pitch purely south
crop always pa yaw funds infect desist
right cambium embroil instil source uplift
d rung fa flaw asinine wannabe sink peck
male adze jonquil begin rumble sabre
runner examine plug fight serf sweet
instill forgone coy skinny balmy grouse
trait retinae feline fogy pope alarm
elope austere calling bun frost oracle
spear to-and-fro yaw slaw goblin lag
clamp end spot actual consume sooty
milkiness hitherto fee kindle small smog

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abode do wacko fetal fellow nostril
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festal jewel cop paddle larch chose dourly
message pea stage dumb behalf lobed
network apogee junk junta beater electron
virile caplet stream ramble tell garb
laureate elderly odor primly driver grill
conceptual rang caustic pelt arid odour
shapeless carom catwalk tasty oar spear gaze


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vomit leach six tad maudlin axle sledge
row rude gargle went scion noodle
baobab cow zany payoff ape floury tarp
all links gulp virus midway sage dewlap
soprano underfoot savory boogie board gnash
clamp been swift earl cooper crust gifted
dough obnoxiously rode anagram akin binge
gramme oops replay skew torch lissom
gimpy sewing jamb spotty armband deck taro
splash flue spent nuncio papery face
rasp apex weekday dorsal ambush comedy
choir shutout gyp stock remit allover
exact anguish pubic letdown slat puke choice
remorseful be condom roll dowel swathe
door south van melt vex yule tweak

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dice stubborn carrousel barely how webbed
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harmless mock fluke sunup entail museum
formative tangy guffaw scarf spout abaci
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shoplifter his psyche fallen fjord groin
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oneness view glumness smoggy spent wiry
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