Thursday, January 08, 2009

jukka-pekka kervinen & jim leftwich with haiku by john m. bennett

> ecumenical gestalt
> palpable blade unfair pumice duds sloe
> call prisoner defection emblem she trusts
> spoon lettuce vial exert wit sin
> your voice salad actor stale wear
> enter the smell of rotten bent gland molar grebe
> although swallow invisible trout home goal
> caveat intuition beats umlaut burnt muzzle
> her husband sold bicycles burden balsam pulsar
> bursar of balanced groom enfolded icicles
> tan fizzle kumquat cravat hunch heat
> snout homily congeals devour unseen aloha
> ecumenical gestalt diagrams rancid spent input
> factors bearing capes speech salamander thou
> wittgenstein spin exercise endive goon trial
> she rusted emblematic con detect verse
> slopes resurgent ignorance bomb pulp spade unjust

sloe spoon
smell speech
she verse

> hoof to chickens
> hoof to chickens uptown weir tribe
> virgin perform chest chow info clot
> tern locals waste lemons detest trunk
> verbal sliced zero dearth lung roe
> leafy the district has slobber which ride
> bisect nix infect narrow nun trend churn
> gruff bats dilate censorship cinema tripod folio
> but aimless happiness anterior offset yeast
> others offshore eyes amiss though hapless
> movies duplex egoless hats censor alight
> sinister burns blend harrow dissent enrich
> the tide of witch blob earth deafen struck
> hearts lack of dung balls icing vocal
> demos chunk of hate stern vocal haste
> how formation mung bean latent boot follows
> renown snack their roof shall whelp

hoof trunk
lung churn
hats dung

> pork rub gamblers
> pork rub gamblers brink flit barter
> dolor slouch drafts lancet vermin aware
> socks remains mystery unit thumbs debate
> course taken by pants goggle drama
> intention sniff of ridicule harass brunet antic
> crib lotion phonograph grows donate strut
> glistens lack sieve crass talent curdle
> potassium valve condom quiet plaid franc
> futures quiet pattern values potash condominium
> full talons chatting aisle lilac cleave
> carnations rut growth lotion heath sonar
> brute antique floors indent gibe snafu
> dampens role implants shaken piece romp
> until slippery argument flock riddle relic
> recognition verbiage ancillary daft donor couched
> artery cliff flutters stork hub ramble

pants drafts
condom quiet
cleave floors

> ear ghosts
> ear ghosts wind lagoon cork tore
> fontanel leaders gloss rheum divers snob
> forgotten nor typographical hot rocket cleave
> the sale of barefoot-pin roll willow obtain
> oracular errors azure hunch farina lath
> ill until you exact wax prop affix
> unplanned public silica fit murmur touch
> whiten tools lullaby aspen quasi pied
> calico wasp mirror ruins mute tulle blanch cool
> murders right douche masses syllabic upland
> suffix laxity improper exult duplicate horses
> intuition pollen swath ocular heron adz
> pillow guts enroll bare vend pink
> bereaved plots sprocket rotten knot hyphenated
> tartar quivers work loss fondue leaden
> fork torn lampoon fling affair bear

hot fontanel
fit tools
mirror pillow

> blip reek
> shortages preemptive shelter hackle fluid tread
> grief stupor foams drift kept yodel
> ill columns strip clothe festal moat
> media ass invests omit fauna sinus
> market pointing nave clean carrot lies
> smelling optimistic balloons beckon resist web
> baubles legend castrated garble flint outdo
> stirrups seminal heath creed larvae stole
> bleeds alumnae snoop chirp semen sheath
> splint distortion outreach babel fabled geld
> clubs resistance inflections blip reek upbeat
> dean of the parrot tie nib cigar graves
> sauna grub building omitted medium truckle vest
> delightful loathing gloats solemn adieu strap
> hear the applause rift aspire gulf junket form
> fluent tackle bread prompts hooked haven

fluid ass
beckon larvae
blip cigar

> gloom and speculation
> frank customs atrophy scoff breeze dragon
> aortic caves tragedy awl regale gas
> cosign sow degrees taxing armor lout
> hatched occult peels afloat firm brine
> minion of piston spike tunic ego
> gloom and speculation edits the pout toad bring
> muscles shedding tablets cubic runoff sash
> and rebound tensions saddle star glide
> diamond stir downhill relax good refund
> cubism final stash mussel molt tibiae
> frets pounds goad guess gum cooperative
> spoils self turmeric flank onions pistol
> brink water office cope sectarian divest
> recuperate armor of ignorance boots gilt decree
> snicker hallelujah gas acerbic cage tragic
> the lagoon pope decimal mores bank crud

lout gas
toad diamond
mussel onions

> lacewing martinet
> magic geode boundary charges peg lurk napkin
> before buried popsicle whoosh thrift accede
> clothes with vertical cilia tremor hobble rank
> also fillip bandages theism tangle czar
> adjourned dint ingot kettle saving slip exodus
> hints lacewing pitch nudism refute search
> bolts real estate bourse log cargo piglet
> his yard, and carefully midair label rout
> public libel stout mull knoll babe
> fogs catapult martinet colt estate mourn
> perched nexus confutes patch hind sewing
> lapse coffers salvage kettle cuddle adjunct
> pantheistic entangled cars alas flop bandit
> cobbled positive earthquake whorl grog togs
> flying coffin hat wing is avid polyp incur befoul
> catkin prowlers tooth accuse grope fund

lurk bolts
cargo fogs
cuddle buried