Friday, January 23, 2009

John M. Bennett

Caustic Doors

caustic dun ce bowl where lunchcrack
thicks your limb bubbles ,autistick
fun rolls the stair a buncha flackers
sticks ,nor wind crumbles tuna in t
he chalk ladder toxic runs ,folds
and hair that crun ching sack of br icks
snored ,bring the tumbled moon the haw ked
bladder flocks of bums or buns ,mol
ded ,mouldered air yr hat grun ts yr
stack of ticking doors

Ear Issue

issue dan ce toria w“here” the loo
mer c hews yr leg string fissure gla
nced torn hair the boo mer flew er
eggy thing dripbled d own yr l eg fizz
led ants ,worn air soon tears a few
,stragg led wings tripled sound of dregs buis
iness .mats of form there ,rooms an ears
you dragged those clinging rippled grounds
,oh begs this trance this dorm ant f ear

Drawer Mungch

mungch the single in yr sneeze drawer
laege the cracker in yr foil drawer
nabp the tumbrel in yr slack drawer
foldt the chisel in yr soup drawer
pile the mist in yr pencil drawer
wridte the slaw in yr hog drawer
bambd the nuts in yr rice drawer
leave the scum in yr finger drawer

Mirror Cull

cull and sot the powder mule
melt and sot the restive sand
fold and sot the falling clouds
mute and sot the tunneled rock
itch and sot the foggy wrist
cue and sot the moldered gun
mow and sot the testy mirror