Friday, January 16, 2009

John M. Bennett

Oh Freezing

oh forz duh sino’s greezy lumbp
leagking thru yr pandts’ fisdts a
ganst the slodded wall so coarz uhn
leans wheezing ,sungk ,seegking glu
nur danz lisdts uh handt uh sotted
fall clam glisdtens ,kno hoarz ,one
been sneezing “drungk” ,reegking threw
yr fanzy wrists an plans a glotty
crawl lam wizened ,blown an forced
,none seen ,freezing

Sot Lungk

lungk cage flobbing inna snow deenk
folder webpt ehn sungk page stobpping
then eh flowed seenk ,sold an slebpt
en wistled soop gunk staged clodting
in uh slow blingk ,cold hand crebpt
on gristled suidt bungk raged ,hobping
grinna blows duh thing’s old glandt
slebpt yon dribbled fludte drungk
:staged an sot


half windowed and lost the treble
half spended and fueled the tempest
half clobbered and met the tent stake
half inched and dropped the shoelace
half drooped and crawled the index


gushing and flopping in the salad
hushing and flopping in the tombeau
crushing and flopping in the toilet stall
rushing and flopping in the burger tray
mushing and flopping in the laundry room
lunching and flopping in the elevator shaft