Saturday, February 23, 2008

Diana Magallon & Jeff Crouch - Liminal Wheel

Diana Magallon & Jeff Crouch - Slipped

Diana Magallon & Jeff Crouch - Tunnel of Love

Diana Magallon & Jeff Crouch - Defbrilate

Diana Magallon & Jeff Crouch - Zap

tom taylor

blank history

memory erased by pause button blank
radio falling division of time into these
discrete moments destroys continuity
or history. without which no self can be

radio falling talk to the hand he said
silence is gelding the hour trite with such
reminders as syntax derides time’s journey
with non narrative disorder the norm now

awaking from sleep after a dark passage
to find yet again the tonality of empty time
stretched from ear to eye and back again
into the evening of exitism and start over

John Crouse & Jim Leftwich


seance puppets amnesia: “crisis successful conduit”

coterie curates improvisation: “damage wholly commercial”

vintage prowess monsoon: “paper liquid request”

fluke spaceman nightcap: “facility ironically soon”

amusement jugular doodlings: “urgently plate intervention”

chariot pumpkin grassroots: “fostered set issued”

trend clogged hangover: “received precisely driven”

fray maverick unflinchingly: “precious debacle owned”

sonic skin skids: “approximately rollover volumes”

sufficiently lambchops benchmark: “revealed panic books”

ingredient hippy rooster: “shareholder frantic balance”

spawn octave disillusionment: “reconstruction sheet flow”

pepper gravestones carnival: “portfolio exempt pools.”


prongs essences basins: “individual cascade traded”

sheer beetles comets: “models summer value”

fragrant mirror desolation: “theoretical chip equities”

dashed mosaic waterfall: “triggered fed colossal”

sprays azure onions: “transparency foreseen promoting”

rejoicing melts gurgled: “eye collapse global”

raining stealing confusion: “systemic fence parody”

abeyance roots torrent: “coordinated contained refused”

smooth heaping mists: “ghost financial seed”

liverwort bask magnetic: “strategies currencies risk”

spellbound mantle snowstorm: “dramatic hedge amplified”

whats happening baby: “collateral facts clearly”

brink footprints cordial: “inherent structured heart.”


thrives standpoint saddle: “crystal felt historical”

clouds countersunk baggage: “water crumble summer”

steep earthquake stumps: “flawed point construct”

vigorous chanting glaciers: “burrowing gains offshore”

decadence brightening distress: “nominal dream argot”

choirs lacework rubbish: “poured tryst emerge”

spire aprons determined: “speaking instance private”

fissures thus bearskin: “source growth control”

ridges lustily toppled: “opaque value options”

swelling mellow interesction: “scale geared coattail”

giamts sunlight honeysuckle: “declared failure sector”

serene accident submerged: “axioms built actions.”


allegations nomad thrash: “irrational decades prudence”

ballad pouts spiderweb: “blissful smooth universe”

rejoining suites mummy: “infallible ace theory”

derivative invasion wobble: “impossible efficient dazzling”

inauguration harmonica multiplication: “array rocket pricing”

acrimoniously jellyfish stigmata: “opposite insurance exchange”

imploding compilation lugubrious: “dogma architects prizes”

formula rollercoaster crochet: “amid explosive questioned”

stretch reverence tomahawk: “partner abyss default”

injunction throbs dethroned: “despite nothing moving”

imposter mushroom witch: “bell obscure map”

varying primal elevator: “design alchemy variations.”


quickness weep wheel: “desire bubble harrowing”

disco flung lighthouse: “curved dismissed dot”

boogie immersion hammer: “history outfield argued”

abyss gangsta dandelion: “various street convex”

molester thumb comeback: “converges law cards”

shying rubber reverend: “today federal linear”

subdivision almanac matchbox: “numb only sorts”

strawberry vietnam hobo: “random average stream”

juicehead commandment trench: “scant flips data”

quantum hooker twilight: “destructive paper aftermath”

remember cucumber songbird: “eye incapable reserve”

babylon ignition downpour: “rescue language limits.”


breakfast smash beehive: “diffuse demise launched”

momentum blackberry prayer: “bonanza snatch houses”

trajectory meadow bedtime: “prime lax predator”

penthouse dexterity sham: “driver required future”

seismic rum superstar: “original reduce worst”

morphine ode signature: “gaping elegance hundreds”

bottleneck bulk headphones: “dangerous loophole books”

pioneering breathless pregnancy: “next gold instead”

sodomy ranger submerged: “lenders fraud selling”

sleeve laser lapse: “arcane fanfare subsidiary”

lunacy technicolor amass: “innovation speculative intent”

crying stellar compensate: “adequate outsource incentives.”


cult chain psyche: “returns ink terminology”

lush sticker oblique: “process blooming retail”

cubist doctorate muse: “credit laundering behemoth”

suicide bend breeder: “during fanged spread”

ticket rhino freeload: “myriad consumer indicted”

uncle hybrid shimmer: “corrupt typical abuse”

teeth ambience rosetta: “beneficial sharks proposal”

tribute dog crayon: “affiliated pyramid needles”

isolation regards california: “single drain luxury”

flatness hash bonafide: “lowered balloon prior”

mystifies surf wedding: “jungle overpay poetic”

bayou nugget backwards: “burnout carat lucrative.”


lullaby headway mistreated: “furniture crypt sounding”

hole who collaborates: “doorman offer disclosed”

lethargy dub valve: “households beware euphemism”

claw interlude saloon: “city lurch senior”

lone waterline obligatory: “attribution extension gains”

spleen universe swansong: “violations bundle hid”

lackluster oblivion embossed: “memo fiasco hiccup”

clones undressed already: “adjusted reduce negative”

drown crunching auspices: “iceberg services sponsored”

dolphins needles reasons: “nightmare anniversary allayed”

session belly sadness: “objective margin indexed”

hourglass landscape cherub: “static devalues stairs.”

tony green - Verran's Corner

Garage sale signs - Saturday morning

tony green - Tasting Pack

tony green - Tasting Pack
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
3 accumulation spirals

tony green - Pill-box

tony green - Pill-box
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
7 small cylinders with 'accumulation' texts

tony green - a light whisk

tony green - a light whisk
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
[with heavy verbiage] text wound onto rattan whisk belongs to Sidney Smith

tony green - outcome

tony green - outcome
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
curled ribbon text suspended from mini-crocodile clip on wire

tony green - Moebius Strip #2

tony green - Double Spiral III [A]

tony green - M strip 01

tony green - M strip 01
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
Moebius strip poem for Wystan Curnow's birthday

tony green - Double Spir III [B]

tony green - Double Spiral III [D]

top - text is cut-off instead of tapering

tony green - 2 spirals vertical

a new spiral text [right] with vertical split

tony green - knob

tony green - knob
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
wooden knob from Browns Bay street market -- text extracted from T.H.White

tony green - accumulations & rosemary

2 accumulations + a ring with 2 loop texts & rosemary for remembrance

tony green - split

tony green - split
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
opened up text on toilet roll middle stiffened with varnish see

tony green - logorrhea

tony green - logorrhea
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
tap, with text -- to be placed on cover of lavatory cistern

tony green - recent books

tony green - recent books
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
a cluster of spiral texts

tony green - balluster with text

tony green - l l play

tony green - l l play
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
parallel spirals of different texts, different typefaces -- with rolling-pin as a spindle

tony green - accumulations 38 & 39

new model: text on purple card, varnished, with spindle [rolling-pin]

tony green - baked accumulation

tony green - sliding accumulation poem

text in a puzzle-frame

tony green - another poem by Telecom

this poem escaped from a book in Roger Parson's bookshop window

tony green - pavement haiku

tony green - pavement haiku
Originally uploaded by jim leftwich
very short pavement poem by anonymous Telecom engineer

Thierry Brunet - Arsenic sound from her mouth

Thierry Brunet - Landscape of extinction

Thierry Brunet - Farewell rapture

Friday, February 22, 2008

John M. Bennett

Heb heb

traebo anna demp blundt tranbg
,chander sloom nur flundo
.melnt an dribblen crot ,saeba
choon nur hob mandt .crunt
neplo ,flamma reent suhnt tramb
na canst lungk trooler turt
shoop .flumantic ,crandic ,che
domperd weestole

heemb neh churt ,nah crasta

John M. Bennett


azdja craem


fo lendo


floddna hraem na

kimp nep

sraddo brend


John M. Bennett











tom taylor - rage nations

rage nations

squashed like bugs, ground to dust reduced
to rage in the face of a life coup, the natives
grow restless and organized into units of act
and groan under the yoke of an inevitability

there never was any intent to provide for the
so-called ‘extra people’ – to feed or make a
life however we see it, no intent to do this or
arrive at anything but what we now see here

‘the planet is bathed in blood’ Lafitte said at
a news conference a hundred years ago, a fit
of accuracy and hope for survival of something
after the fall, after the crash, after the coming

Thursday, February 21, 2008

tom taylor

incessant pressure

light around the edges of the moon’s eclipse
messages from a long ago friend your lover
folds and crisscross intersections the day’s
own life encompass and thrive blood alive

the inner landscape lighted brightly at beyond
what comes with you always in your pockets
the flow of the scene and the dram on the sky
blue gold light on the hours of the day again

all serve to illumine this particular life today
as joy as firmament as juice on the cup from
which to drink the morning’s brew and learn
again how to mark and how to line the firm

C. Mehrl Bennett - anarchist

C. Mehrl Bennett - My Sackner Kimono

C. Mehrl Bennett - BOMBS TANKS

C. Mehrl Bennett - Issue No. Twenty One

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich

john m. bennett & jim leftwich