Friday, December 12, 2008

John M. Bennett

My Framed

my hose blown my raspy chair flame
,double ham dries those stones sly
ash hair names the trouble gland fisted
shoe and rice hole ,try to close a
lone fried cash stair ,graves and stubble
,fanned the list you bland mice role dribble
,shines or knows a bone lie hash glare
.braves the bubble ,cans the hiss stand or
,buys goals you giggle .why nose’s flown
why trashy glare’s framed

Peeled Stop

stop ham think closely after stum
bles out the floor clock am stinky
clothes the rafter rambles proud the
core soup fermentation ,lock hands
,link nose or wafted gamble loud the
snore goop intimation wheel yr sock
glands pink hose not crafted mumble
,shroud the pore loop diminution peeled

Eat Finger

eat and napkin swim your shoelace
eat and dodder swim your football
eat and detergent swim your facial
eat and piler swim your ashes
eat and number swim your pillow case
eat and logic swim your hammer
eat and buyout swim your tooling
eat and soda swim your hacking
swim and stutter eat your finger

Toilet Book

book your noodles in the suitcase
book your freezing in the sardine
book your fawndom in the chopper
book your bullet in the underwear
book your trouble in the television
book your crawler in the sandwich
book your pencils in the anus
book your pawing in the dresser drawer
book your plunge in the compost
book your sawdust in the toilet