Friday, December 19, 2008

John M. Bennett

Clot Shiver

shiver and shape and top clot
mute and moan and rinse clot
fold and fake and pill clot
nap and numb and user clot
roof and rubber and lake clot
plan and plunge and singer clot
gorge and gouge and pencil clot
laugh and loose and dimmer clot
hell and hump and sandwich clot

Corn Ice

corn shot and dome your fork
fuel shot and nod your leg
mute shot and crave your sink
blank shot and pile your hat
mate shot and birth your gravel
noose shot and bong your phone
gate shot and trust your ice


sweep the ham off the sky
sweep the luck off the coin
sweep the strunt off the club
sweep the should off the sank
sweep the troak off the blunt
sweep the house off the tongue
sweep the crash off the shoulder
sweep the umpf off the trying to
sweep the rut off the cloud