Thursday, October 16, 2008

steve dalachinsky

( joe mcphee - jim staley duo @
alain kirili's 10/7/08 )

shadowplay ex/tant
trumpeted elongations
elongated 'bone-ness
team mates resting in their rest/
less resolve
first encounter
2 men / 5 shadows
only later will this picture be
resolved by dissolves
muted shadows ar/rested on wall
in this regard
trump-bonist mort/ally become part
of sitters

when you frame yourself
away from yourself / away from your own
humility - you become
a wearer of dead animals
( these players within their own egolessness )
there are sketches of ourselves
as circumscribed fleshless alternatives
film on film
upon dress code -
dressed darker than the darkest shadow
bending into & away from

one 3 another 4
sounds multiplied in hot light
removing that same darkness
that is perhaps
your entry into this dwelling

she unbuttons her sleeves
empties her boots onto the floor
each shadow presents its extension
of the music
as one merges with the other

to what extent do i unbutton myself
roll myself up within my shadow
like a sleeve
this shadow / these shadows
unfathomable givens
just as night's electives careen into