Friday, August 15, 2008

John M. Bennett

Dip Dip

dip the thong lint into the grease

grease and sifting lake your eye

eye heel nettled in the soup

soup ,dream ,sock ,shirt ,crumb

crumb or spray my single thigh

thigh drip puddled and a cookie jar

jar of rocks and water ,dung money

money where your tissue used to be

be a sugar blister find your skull

skull diploid stacked and sotty one

one or straddled mice ,the cloud

cloud floating in the gasoline

gasoline and ice ,the spilling sand

sand plunger ,clock spinner ,eat the dip

Thud Dip

dip thud sim thud glock thud net
thud time thud slick thud numb thud be thud
cram thud burn thud blest thud sea
thud dim thud fork thud raw thud gnat thud
bring thud blam thud roof thud shoe
thud dirt thud whine thud amp thud or thud
trawl thud donut thud him thud slap
thud rum thud crawl thud balloon thud om thud
spiral thud concatenation thud rot thud dung
thud sup thud nurse thud pen thud raw thud
gland thud stunning thud hop thud mist
thud dumb thud light thud loose thud bun thud