Friday, July 04, 2008

steve dalachinsky

a subtle trepidation

(george lewis /joelle leandre duo @vision festival 6/14/08)

into instant(s)

a subtle crepidation

- trembling movement

splashes of so many faces

here facing this mania – almost too


a (t)rigor of speechless acoustic

belly of a thing we hear you here

each other heard

the mouths & fingers that are your

ears - & speak

splashes of reflections

now being in the music being in

the music making the music

are all in this continuum of differences

& then a halt amidst your breaths

own breaths & languages

amongst this family of strangers

applauding as one system

of refracted humania inclining

toward the separity of c/hairs

beheld –

the danger is not in the preparedness

but in the preparation

here in the hisspering &

backward air forcings

the payoff is not in the structure


the destructuring & restructured.

steve dalachinsky nyc