Friday, July 04, 2008

steve dalachinsky

the barback

“the flame is it’s own reflection…..” – silver apples

as if they tried to scratch their

way out

having no time for little


the red underpaint

shown like splattered

blood through the pale green


close to the sanitation initiative

we all deserve

750 gorillas mourning the death of

a family murdered execution

style somewhere in the charcoaled hills

of africa

got off on the wrong foot i overheard

you gonna take a valium or something

(on that)

even when filled up

there’s always a bone to pick

as we lose so much reaching for mod-


their keen sense told them that

an animal walked this way in the past

and if they followed it into the future

their bellies would be filled


“an animal walked this way in the past

and if we follow it into the future

our bellies will be filled”

chopin’s nettering impulses

& other-worldly measures

still not touched

this clueless light

a cathedral of neutrinos

blending with their own instantaneousness

every hundred billionth of a second

for you it may be guessing

but i’m quite sure that that concavity

on her dark fleshy thigh was where a bullet

had been dislodged

which aside from the sheer beauty of it

might be the single most inspiring element

of the new century

particularly now that we can all have one

myself included

mental health aside i hope

and of course our exotic counterparts &

the recent discovery that

the world is fragile.

steve dalachinsky nyc 6/30/08 from fragments