Saturday, July 26, 2008

steve dalachinsky - stories /// sons de sons - (Cecil Taylor – Tony Oxley Duo @ the Village Vanguard 7/16-20/08)

stories /// sons de sons

(Cecil Taylor – Tony Oxley Duo @ the Village Vanguard 7/16-20/08)


stitched per tour

first ran over her reason

mistakes made / prelude's faun

faux miles dubbed you see


yarn blooms alien distaste

& murder shall be forgotten

& mornings overlapp(s)ed

keeping living sense


& richly rewarding

the FALL


we are faced / defaced

looking into the actions of usurers

we are listening /listed

not listless tho at times one needs

more with than as tentative aftersound

& when gotten tis a blissful thing

& n'er ways asways sons de sons

(chansons – chance songs)

pale grinning lights & postures

& just can't help those things

the sting of many little unseen symbols

the sea being awash in them!

& here & there the serious list'ner

can only take it straight

to another neighborhood

facing off & facing

not a pose for poser's sake

but possession taken possessed

in a way by nosotros yah way figmento flagrento

in fragments ala lyre-icisms

unstoppable flourishes

here is the one thing that is known/un/known

eins stein of wants & ways & instewtaneous

eruptions nets & oft striped pants


offed the perif

if we only knew.

4. (for .j.j.)

the way the notes c d

a a e


down the page

yellow lit as if it's skin(ned) had aged

just by opening the book

andswayson taped to its abidingness

bound affusions here navigated

guardians tixed the uneven coming together

spelled grino the flexion playing

grace attenuated & tuned

the wirds the very signs

that l(e)and to the blurred

the way the 2 are sometimes blurred

as the notes cascade upward.


a. regulation tis-of-eth the showering upon

schedules this intrinsic (sic) vile age of corruption

here the slogan is more than the promise can ever be

to drag ragged ugmas lesions caught

& as the doors of cathedrals & palaces remain closed to us

here this tiny sanctuary bleeds its drapery onto the rug with august singularities

b. www. 7th as clubbed prestigious

if only nood the noggin

as if the entrance itself had eyes to see

& then again

this same pale yellow

makes even these intruding voices

seem like ancient parchment trapped

between his fingers

here gone off full cocked.



here 2 madmen


upon the rocks &

met with LIFE

in all its aspects

& buoyancy returned



& tipped as always

as things

changed hands.

steve dalachinsky nyc