Friday, June 13, 2008

John M. Bennett

Lang Lang

lang flood mute tumbrel in yr ear

ear comb whistle swallowed meat you cough

cough loomer foco sweating on the tundra

tundra tumbo swelter crystaline yr suit

suit puzzle what ,yr faucet ,ladder pillow

pillow wallet ,twist cash ,neck id lilting

lilting at the horsewash ,clown sky ,ant

ant steeple swishing crust of levels

levels drust mate heaver crashing

crashing soapdish ,eye ,whammer leak

leak ton knock grease toilet handle whip

whip turdlight planner of the emphyzeme

emphyzeme an cluster lung your plower

plower fork the wrath nor blistered lang

Said Said

said said too too lunch lunch glab glab

lunch lunch drive drive sweat sweat rim rim

sweat sweat hulk hulk itch itch clod clod

itch itch thud thud meat meat quick quick

meat meat mole mole rub rub ton ton

rub rub wheel wheel gnat gnat dry dry

gnat gnat lint lint quit quit hole hole

quit quit runt runt lut lut oil oil

lut lut dab dab whet whet slug slug

whet whet ram ram melt melt bong bong

melt melt worm worm smile smile run run

smile smile drop drop muscle muscle slit slit

muscle muscle writ writ clue clue hung hung

clue clue dribble dribble said said what what