Friday, June 06, 2008

John M. Bennett

Bit Bit

bit bit boom boom crust crust sink sink

crust crust tube tube home home folder folder

home home insul insul ration ration gut gut

ration ration crash crash gnat gnat hum hum

gnat gnat bullet bullet stun stun block block

stun stun hip hip drop drop cluster cluster

drop drop pile pile stink stink cue cue

stink stink lush lush paw paw fender fender

paw paw rash rash comb comb dirt dirt

comb comb hush hush butter butter blut blut

butter butter saw saw ice ice bust bust

ice ice pants pants hurl hurl loom loom

hurl hurl craw craw wing wing glut glut

wing wing phone phone bit bit tomb tomb

Grunt Grunt

grunt a while an wide the forklift stocking

stocking crap enhancement scuttled lubrication

lubrication thudding far wide down the hall

hall whistle thumbed my cheek and number

number glitter toweled in the suitcase

suitcase what you mumbled in the basement

basement dithers or your puzzled goat lamp

lamp isthmus rolling toward the piled stairs

stairs you guzzled in the thunder climb

climb a pantsleg fumbler with an ant

ant cabinet shivers with your clack of meat

meat home busted like your amblitude

amblitude rebustling like your howler knot

knot comber or your thumbing through the grunt