Friday, May 16, 2008

John M. Bennett

Hand Shat

shat the corner itch an cloudy guts

ohn hog cloudy napkin in your shoe

flame the napkin legwort tumbling

the business end the legwort usage was

ham floco end it coming on a head

juicy blutocks floco pincture dropping

age the pincture one a snacktive leg

wasn’t pageless age the flood ah kerosine

chut pig ,nap flood ,bomb caustic sender

chew the neck hive sat bomb aloft

jaw lug ,gnat light ,several hive am

pieces of the corner hob jaw feathered

booming slang bag pieces fought the lie

under loot plush snot bag icy garlic wash

wash the ditch guts in your hand

Spreading Hash

hash clown ,lamplight ,dog burple scudding

clown an dank ,utter clam ,boghole light

aim clam header nob a focus lightly

never spore ,a nob ,light inside yr hip

hip ray was never ,lighter dust thuds

my hammer ray ,my lightness gram ,my

peel the hammer dug ,light a rock a booth

lighted peel stinks inside yr bank account

the stinking light butthole strobs an itch

lightened itch fork cluster sob wheels

on forkèd wheels the light stammers

or you stammers light a pillow cough

you pillow in yr suit a natter light gagging

flog the suit lints lightning gravel haul

on clown lints the light gash spreading