Friday, May 16, 2008

John M. Bennett

Sidewalk Stop

stop the sandwich sinks a head the storm

dry the sandwich clock and stun the form

blow the sandwich drinks a sleeve and knife

char the sandwich dump or mate the telephone

ram the sandwich fogs and blocks and inches

fall the sandwich heap of cornerstones and ice

smack the sandwich gland of whistling and a tooth

reap the sandwich cloud or puking leatherlips

dust the sandwich clots a finger shirt and shadow

feel the sandwich blink inside the folder

haw the sandwich your ,a cracking sidewalk

Leave Dirt

leave the pillow floating in the soup

hove the pillow leaky like a stool

ply nun pillow princess have the tongue

stamp runt pillow cloister hops a broth

file mleat pillow stunning fat the saw

mort chaw pillow drapes heel a cloud

plod nuts pillow melter bans the tool

mail fought pillow grinny soap a noun

bought molt pillow clangs haw the sink

bendy saw pillow drops hip a dollar

mild pelt pillow plows grunt the dirt