Thursday, May 08, 2008

John M. Bennett

Ash Brink

brink toilet ,crowd fund ,bought a meel

hum grunt labwise coughing toilet missed

dare ,to mew ,grunt ton ,lob across

gee finger grunt ,paw my sock haw

haw an flake an ice mobile a crint

naily flake er towel mildew focus dun

done crispy towel labored like a pool

throat an pool scumbutt glottis neighed

shadow glottis lagged a fridge chewed

frame your shadow slent ,it was ,gnot

nor was same yr slent foot hammered

mot foot ,uh glue ,papered like ,a sea

clocked the sea withdraws a toom gate

breathe the airless gate or )“keyboard”(

slimpry toilet ,breathe huh ,humping ash

Thrip Itch

itch sugar ,glate temp thunning

fornk said crib muscle heap

lungly chewed knot table slought

finger hell ,brain soaper ,meanst

chot knack slint your heel

juice sunks phoam ,hamd groant

blag nents an dimp shore

edgeless shoe nott hammer ,bunk

eat floood nur ranks tumble

bondo nuck your lingol thrip