Friday, April 25, 2008

steve dalachinsky

angels & devils (for joe mcphee 4/20/08)

the seaming up/ward horizon (e)vent
uni > lateral displacement
spine-like hands on moldedness
jammin' frugality (cramful)
"our prayer" so sparse
a river goin'home old men with their heads
in hands attended caught here
full uncluttered generosities
screeching cohesions bowstrummed
soft/hard communion
a blending of: outside the frame
awash among the curve-linear thumbprints
spears & splintered wheels
shadows ruthlessly pinned to the wall
the devil/angel thing fused by
by harshness creating unsurpassed beauty
drunk on an aging civilization & its
these definitely shifting stories
trio augmented > up)pe(d by
violin(t) voiced
high pitch

ah witch whichness ah here with the
merciful dispensation
of ressurection's inquisition
(one altered to another)
this true MASS - early
on between plaques of prescribed solutions
all these swirving saints
who can't tell their sainthood from their mistakes

touched &
tactile - the fingers figure out the language
how to
leave their imprints on the elements

( ele/mental table )
one impression of a deeper
groove as wed would leave its dwelling place
travel all the "roots" & "roads"

"to find the spirit."

steve dalachinsky @ the loft of alain kirili - joe mcphee quartet nyc