Friday, March 28, 2008

nto t ext

nto t ext
for olchar lindsann


passed in the mirror at the body thus desire

bows down himself the subject to smash the nightmare

the inflexible reflection inherent in remember that into text

here the text through you yourself the mirror

i believe to refer describes here temporal annihilation


passed bows the here i
in down inflexible the believe
the himself reflection text to
mirror the inherent through refer
at subject in you describes
the to remember yourself here
body smash that the temporal
thus the into mirror annihilation
[desire nightmare text]


passed in bows down the inflexible here the i believe
the mirror himself the reflection inherent text through to refer
at the subject to in remember you yourself describes here
body thus smash the that into the mirror temporal annihilation
[desire passed in nightmare bows text]


passed the at body in mirror the thus
bows himself subject smash down the to the
the reflection in that inflexible inherent remember into
here text you the the through yourself mirror
i to describes temporal believe refer here annihilation
[desire thus passed the in into nightmare mirror bows annihilation text]

from p. 172 of the ecstatic nerve
jim leftwich