Thursday, November 29, 2007

steve dalachinsky - Est. BASFIDEL

Est. BASFIDEL (for Barre & David Phillips – 11/27/07)

a(.establish – to tell stories

“it’s not the light
it’s my dna.”

B > fidelity / fiddle(ity)
taught )never(thru (l)ea(r)ning

(no)students / a father & son
questions? we’ll answer anything

1 father

fingers separating from them selves
se par at ing strings
(as if) bowing so brutally quiet
- brush bristled breath -
drew back looked down @ ceiling
fevered the wood & guts / ripp(l)ed his way into the

c. extended vs. basic techniques < > cross over corollaries

2 son
it was when he climbed to the top of the ladder
that the ladder became string
& the string vibrated with hard sweat
& deep resonance surrounded
their auras.

3 together

the shoes of each man
become a chain.

4 father & son

behavior - or
the man’s light & shadow
filmed the same way
one emanates or dissipates thru/as result of other
why there is a neck “he” (that is the one writing this)
why one is chipped the other (“his”) chilled
what glitters @ times like cut stone
@ certain angles catching glare
are hinges built for pick-up devices
held in place
& are
what hold in place

what travels in the margins
are intersecting s/o[u\n]d>s (where does IT come from?)
thru hoop rings
here the audience
intent eyes … pursed & serious lips -
what is reflected is
more than just the curves of intent

let all faces be cleansed of duality

expressions only remaineth intact
deflecting impressions of the expressive.

d. the EAR

written @ David Gage String Repair Shop