Saturday, September 29, 2007

steve dalachinsky - mavis staples @ rockefeller park

mavis staples @ rockefeller park

wild berries
grass, benches
take take take
i’ll take you take take take
i’ll take you take take take i’ll
take you take take take i’ll take you
there there I’ll take you there
there lalalalalalalalala
serve ices & aremacs & glori
ous that is dayfall
wild berries
clean freedom
just ice
you want clean freedom
& kroy org
as free as the river’s free
revir to revive the blue
as it flow so wet to call
him up
to tell him what you want
the weight
to be lifted
as heads bead &
loads bed
sticks round companies jack
jacks waits on berries to be fed
berried missed trip ‘n battery run
down beneath this berry tree
wild berries
sundown’s prize eyez i’s
keep holdin on for what it’s worth
this stop/forward battle min(e)d
down goin down
i’ll take you there
down to the heat sung signs
some perfect berry to pit to crush
the naked foot & perfect light
so red
shine little its balter against the ssssossson
no more this shining light on this wild berry
of mine i’m gonna let it shine on this wild berry
oh yeah susej susej on the mainline this little light
tell him what cannonballs
backs ones onlies regards everles sweat
waltzes sunset yehs eromles questions
money telepathy selpats & 63 otherlings
central to these berries
stome tiltes long walking heads &
little rock(s) i.e. pebbles
don’t need schoolin to know this billy club
bullied dock tore king
sung songs blind lame name bad all rights
reserved right reserved right(s) reserved moan
moan moan moan dab dab da b
retsam emal EMAL lame one where da master (?)
wher is da king? Moan dab retsam retsam EMAL
take ya there i’ll take ya there

( sounds a lot like pops on guitar )

just ask
alorotom alorotom
& krap out krap out
mind march forward / highway
yawhgih server edam edam modeerf
wild berries mind made up &
i won’t turn aroun’ so don’t turn aroun’
where the past lives don’t t
urn round but respect your
self respect your
self elttob elttob
the lady park ranger gestures
seems to say
i know a place, i know a place
wild berries
river, grass, cannon balls &
sweat - i’ll take you there.

dalachinsky 8/1/07