Thursday, September 06, 2007

jim leftwich - from CATASTROPHE


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ropa achieves ts ur
eopl allow hems
f est and eath
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nd eo willingly onti
he la will onti
e efu to earn
ave o before nd e e
ecog the anct
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nima moved lmos
esir for even



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hris it ecam
raq i continue naba
roba considerably onge
emoc congress ave l
ubli outcry ompe
ake i upon hems
estr of n nti
oint out n isc
oint that e ust
raq o no hrea
itiz knew hat i
raq n our eade
nfor event hat o
ind a this navo
uali that ur ea
or nv and ccup
ere t means hat o
ct f g and oth h
onti occupation epre



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reci fact hat u
re et to blit
eter to even
one n what e ont
atio discussion e urd
nnoc people ho ev
hat e liberated atio
nque pure nd ha
oo de this s ath
sych murderer nd t s
ur or policy or he



et s e absolutely lear
s ne m and ully
epub the atas
atio and urde
nnoc people nd t a
ount and he or
ecad to ome b
nvas and ccup
erri idea akin
s eft unchallenged nd nc
atas of he am
hose catastrophes ay e v
hem i the npro
eapo of ny in