Saturday, July 14, 2007

John M. Bennett


h ot ch ump sp
raddddled hef ty
ch ort of liposu
ction ch aise t h e
heeming c lue
c)hoke( ay ten se
ay pl aw fam wr
ist eh fragggging
ru mpt so re d
rop yr ants an
.the longg tec
hted fla ke the ho
bbbbled dun you


jumb ed an jotl edt
an jeebpted yr c
loud lawk breading
coughing outa
window t russt
gorn .wo w wa s p
ill de valed was hal
f a was h hac ked
togedder .aim eh
fuooel st amp an
quiet nonge o none
hab flocus none
rab the cor nur f


dru kg it oud an c
hange a him a
hoper sleebing of f
yr fonax tas te o
dibbling .h ooter
sniimp an ,plester
me nal c lay s
hutter gas p
lopping on haw
sofa flatso )where
yr im toob yr scam
druggout scalink
inna cru mbleweed
yr stu mmmble c
hasingg past the
lat here d ladddder


jotta ha mber crow s
a findle in yr e ye o
faw but saw eh rad
isht slating in yr deart
,was hompy was was
jaker an a plud of
,pnelt yr saw dus t yr
phoolery .long the
wad d renc h an
pelstered me nall day
na shamb er clued na
dim mer wit than
,pees a tock druss a T
crawk fennellated in
yr showtine .ap t to
nammer in the slope

Weet dream

s ped acro ss the riv
u let’s glan ,tub
meat s dun g me leg
fun nelled in ah poo
c orn ry nex flav or
c haw eh f ast l ast s
tep sod fee t an fac
e d ust’s a d rib ble
d an j ump ed o ff
.torr e ,tonn eau
,tampo line an gr ea
se’s sha dhow fries
a head yr caw cow f
asts as leeeep


jum blet o r oof
cra wed dow n ,f
amer me ,ouder
me ,n uck tab s
aw ffal chasing to
at me tomach ra
id the sp oon ch
oke wha t ?you
nam e the flo
pping soup
.antowel st
reams an cor es
yr slingle bla ded
eye a eyye


ban da er mot
ion inhe ptig
sho res you me
ror dinking .clu
ng an ram ne pt
woid jum bl est
yr f ing er
plagued yr he
.no r me
slamtod st in
king p our th e
ag ed of ha m
throwt ;bl owt
an beasts an
backdrow ni ry

Nop e

nud ge an n eat
an knoc k an n
ame a sal ad
floor yr b rinking
soo n an cop se
ve rsal bain sin R
.wha w hop an
crope yr turning
sui t t hen smou
lders in the rain


junmk sleep an
sd eep nexst an
fla gvor rustle
meat yr clongue
blappering ni yr
freeze ah h aw s
lam n ever tr y t
o wake yr coak th
.shab ne torpids
o ne ,fe sterd in
th e si nk a f aw
sh oe wh ere yr
cha tterd dre am
stent orious was
wiped ‘n smeared
.so nodding was
,in the c reepk


bush an dust an
glot an wimpt
an bellt yr pand
ex forny choc
ker wear you
blamber off eh
steps uh humpt
.t raceee or yr
foamo crispy
snout an lumb
erbundt .fail
the pest
remdition an yr
cubik chorner
burnz ligh chit

P lash

jabber slapb na
slomer corn in
shooter ranged
,ah flantex pla
yered in yr fing
er cot .like pin
ey dickee ,st
unned the tree
s .foder claim
,an bist ,nake
me board the
glangor chaking
in duh sleebp
.)yr casper fe nt
an lutt ered off
the gloatdock

T ick

c hung th ree s ped
gnat tery an a sink
ing for el f loor sp
read wit h mot or ,oil
,d rain ,c loos a fauce
t when you “think”’s n
odding t rouble .the
long sw erve f lutters
in yr su it t he hot c
rash gig gles like yr
so up shakes an yr ah
thurd “time” yam
mers in yr pock et .d
rop the fa t r ice an r


bu m eat t race a
comb o p late r h
am or su et b rim
ming on the wall a c
lock or sentience
.ah pook re restive
soc k drow ning in
the lak e a soo ner f
oot a flesshy step a
c ris py c hair s inks
f ast you hairy times
!dru m yr c ake at
me an I w ill t urn
an s prey

Stab it

di m an f aw a
n h up an ,c
ape sh udder
,kn ack coll
apse the wor d
w alls up an b
linkers sump
in very quiet b
ack the re
could be ash
ole ?st raight
en out an
“up”’s a raisin
c rushed on f
loor be side eh
toil et tu re
moved yr d
reamy sa lad f
ork just a r ow
of holes


dungk an crowdt
,pac e yr f older
tord eh sooner f
lab en s hopper p
ore nur fustulence
,an dimper corn
,dust a st ammer
sha ved yr piece a
s lop ped net off
.daze a g land an
bull ería ,gagking
on yr cor pse an
fla gg


speet gnat
lungk chort ,uh
mute ,bap sore
,don g leggg
chaking let me
,shoulda ,s tuns
,nabps ,snor ks
,t race o sug ar
slucker ,peen
shuddter s lam
mbed against
eh ,pho ne nut
one ,plana nor
,fla ker pid d
rug beh ind
stung thr one


nee dle log nur
cambphor shiner
dast to dugn n ot
to flam .yr thi
ngh preak ed wit
bloods ,nok
banmer sa id
,phrunny neck
you squeezed “so
hard” you ,bor en
an then .th rice
huffed in th wice
gaped a t “me”
you claward .sno
age o scal ding in
the base ment
burn the ho use


butt ‘n beet ‘n
bol ster c ringy
suiooter t
rashed yr c off c
loud sn eet the
dlust fun neld
dawn yr neck
tud ,longk the
baste an niggle
.ea ch cg rease
fl elt the a cid b
last the spi ttle
gus hing f rom
the hi ghest
shelf t he r oof
abone a fire

Hot rot

it k new not
hing c rashed ,a
fueler chot a
,me at tumb a
gas h bla dder
foamy a t yr
face g unny
tubesn ack g at
herd on the wi
red throat yr s
hot yr gu t yr c
ramp bus hy
with an off al


spee p lug dun
gk yr fin gores nimb
nor flugn uts drai
ned right c lown
oo eh g name fog
,chainy se wage
sneering in yr t
oil et b owl wha d
rops an sinks ,or
T .the sp indled
h og asquirt th e
kn ack lap sed
intowel t he ranc
id s hore