Thursday, June 21, 2007

reed altemus - dear red center

dear red center my time is aimed sweet track
foreground they know what Boston under clingwrap
Bell Southwest this poem is vitamins with kerosene
yet Elizabeth’s subsiding despair isn’t only the important
get over yourself or be indoctrinated by other toiling remains
of the travel grow welcoming it is cumbersome heckling the artists
and lest you forget I don’t wanna follow at all
husk and action beer over opening hi to trapeze fluxshop tactile
cybernetics seems moot not dowse or saxophones debacle gasped
maybe whatchamicallit so what buttressed just means someone who thinks
when pulling out hand square orchestra likely opens the mind
by beliefs we change another pencil fresher than volumes of sediments
these words are not specifically forgotten but you’re not released from them
to soap because that line at this point I’m doing or just don’t “know what to do”
flatulence cancerous hunger and the questions indoctrinate you
you Signalism apertures calling at you, reader, Japanese time aspect upstairs
flyer been to Halifax (no)