Thursday, June 14, 2007

John M. Bennett


the joke the j owl
the ja pes the j
ewe l snotty like
the screen shi
nning in the bow l
yr jaw ja bbers
jabs j erks a while
an livers shut
.nuts are left an
,bur nt tow els in
the cor pse’s


some ham socks s
ome cupe nath ers
none rips n one truts
an no ne crasps the
ro ot crown aids the
fluxom ,sha pes or
,pule nat es wore
inside t he loaf you
sho ving up yr ar


bun gle snor
tless whan y r
foner cr ack
chand ers
where a ccount
no ds an seized
yr loo p nu t
gas h nee dles
dimming in yr
eye w rong
gone an rang
gown an
dropped the sh
irt into yr toil et

W et

said heap trun d le
scoring d ate h im
lam p endant seep
age gro p g rop the h
and cr awls toward yr
s lump ack head bun
k the g ate che wed
the pat h a pee led st
ream me crum pled
doubtful in eh eh
sugar pants an hun
ch ing in the s tick y
tow els

Nuts on neck
-for Al Ackerman

an a ste mp an a
gruel an a dog le g
an a pest er an
armpit wit h yr g
nats b all an ah
lever all be hind
!sneep in side yr
lump y neck a goath
erd scamp ers down
the aisle sp lashing
g all t he bott les w
hat a th roat t hat
one nor you

Toil et

b rush the he
adache off y r
arm bun top
metless rag cri
m spadework th
oot yr sagn n et
grumblina s
moking in the
closet wit h yr
bull ets .s ash
the L los t cag e
a ou t the
rushed nest
lungy l ike a
fruit sal ad f
loati ng ng in


duck dust dan
gler nos trill ing
nest the li
ghtbulk c haw t
he sh ape con
ambulation w
ham you head ag
ain st the delta th
roat .shame don
you older s cam j
ust butts in a ba
g an plas tick
ants wit h s pit
.40 h ours
standing in a ha ll

C hub

dra bed the flu
tteringk w heel t he
hunkger ing s hine
eee the t rap m ate c
hatt er yr flocus g nat
bundstle .s pay the
gee k a n sped ‘em
,fort un morceau yr
raptor lapter .w hile
the rivers blood on

Foo l

jot c hop an c
heek c lay an
why you dand
ering me ?ussal
change or c rank
tempedor ,b laze
a way an c lock
yr foo t he h uff
stacks tiple o’er
you me ,cag ey
or ada .wh istle
in the dome an
daze of go re of
gak of ga soline


s hape yr breat
ing in the suit the
soup yr sh ake
nest pas t or
winged ants re
played the jum
ping sac k beh
ind garage t he
ma ttress bright
wit s nack bag s
o sha pe a sha ke
yr pantsl egg in
the soup !


I sat up on my
socks I pled up on
my slocks I grew
up on my chocks I
cam e up on my sh
ocks I named up
on my sna cks I
aged not non my
pocks I f rayed not
un m y c locks my
b ox my knocking
dander in the
sandwich snuf fed
inside yr so cks


s hot sod den s
ity yr fauck us
d rained .hi m rust
led in the shore
heap mast ,er
rase ah
drownding bu sh
ah chainy gris tle
s pat into yr pock
et the glu e m
pho ne ri ses c
ringing in the gr
easy du st


n ot bot her me no r
c lam me fungent b
lister f lagged ag
ainst my t rouser le
g o fl ouncing go re
pended ant a s ever
ed ton gue bou
ncing d own yr shi rt
thug thu g ore
speak you n ow an
splain the b oiling in
yr boo ts s om e f
og s inks int o so me


muncha hose stif
fning in the g lue y
ou c oughed d ew sp
wrinkles on the gr
ass you t heft yr f
oot off t here a
nuster of yr l agg
ing in tha t b ag o c
hips o s alt an a
gent or ange !f
lame the lim ber on
e ,yr armless laug
hing in the mutter
ed closet

See ees

bdoom or dbouble ,cav
e contrapted cogborn f
loating in yr coughee g
ristle suma lasting w
here the shutter dries y
ou pissed the window f
logged the bo at an ,d
im mothache in yr ea r
the sum kinetic was .d
rag the tun tow ard y
ou an sl eep

No te

rod dog sender buzz
ness pencil cwacker
sh ape or pest you
twaught condrapted
sake of thru mming
“gristle sped” in to yr
focus flapped t he b
lur e my jaw before
the mirror l ike
hamlettes tugging at
the fat .say yo ur
inch was left or b ray
yr dit ch a cross the
crawling st reet


chumb an c lap rinse
,cub e of foam you
th ought could snag
gle you retented sh
ape of whirling fans
bench an burning
die sel crosst the
park y our turd
beneath h uh bush
the sun sm ears into
ah greasy sky o
muddled ang iogram
yr verso th ready to
detain the


budg er cub ic cou
nt the d rips you l
eft inside yr han d w
here twit tering or
cal ming or c ashing
asho les sent the
win g er crys tals gn
ashed across the
wave of g reef you
slept into the mu d
.move the die an
take yr one


jab ber sob ber slab
ber caged an dre nched
yr oily knee an
fonebook b rashed
behind yr head a stu
nner tha t on e when it
t rashed be blind y r
shirt yr jeepers ch
eapers sh attered in yr
teet h o w rite t he
burg er in yr rus hing
foo t he rust ling sock
th e wor ms shin ing in
the sol e

S plash

bundle a’ peters a
munder a’ rathers a
clam yammer me
lting in the patty
where yr snoretex c
rams the wrist was
all you left .p low yr
chin in to the
sloshing thr one an
c row


yr job con traction
p age yr glueic n
ape inpesticide a
crack focus horn or
,dep th of use less
yr age off handed
to the toweling
locus in yr
inslaptitude ah
nostril spreading in
the sink !)the long
tube is suc ked
back in(


orange yr face an
red the finger
you had left
,save t he shirt
for last .pee l
the crockpot to i
ts thingy wi res
an motion e
jector ,c louding
in yr face
bejection why
you crispyied
nest an bistroed
me ?a noom in
taction ,fogging
in my ch eek


throat ting gap
er mat blood wh
ere you sing led
b readed li ke a
str ingy soup
suffered or
ocated next the
huge dead fan

Wet tail

drain the shadow lan
k p lume butt ere ing
in yr s wallow g um
ute changling or nuh
matter race .yo ur p
lunge g aze b linkage
worked the credits
into yr horse a suit or
sneezing whe re the
cas t r an d own the
seizing shirt you c
rump led in a bag like


cra ved .the tun
dra melted key a
meat hoo p mis
ted wit yr thro at
yr lun ge ton gue
flattened in sung
glue why s lept at
all an lea ping
through the
seizure .the per
mafrost the manus
cript was charred

Neck comb

bas h eh c hec
dom e ree kin g
of yr leg nest p
linty corn ers
tone you c rasho
line indenture b
urn the ear th e
gg re demption f
old yr t high y r d
rip dri p dit
chworm a kin da
fee ling like yr th
roat is leaving