Saturday, May 12, 2007

John M. Bennett


nest bush or
creep ham or bog shirt
or lung net or plan lock or
change chest or tomb bun or luck nate
or pill hang or dream leak or clod sump or


sped a clunk a
chain a whiff a clock
a spot a stang a tress a
grease a life a log a lang
a brung a nape a gnat a sink a
soup a suit a lick a link a throat a hog


hunch an lip what
page an use what
gone an lot what
nudge an bend what
ask an boil what
pale an nod what
lunch an call what
spent an it what
age an floss what
badge an err what
moult an growl what
fan an wall what
flag an fog what
dust an done what
itch the clave an what


up the cringe nor
sash the sock nor
bean the wall nor
ask the tomb nor
rod the soak nor
ban the sunk nor
roil the stink nor
fled the shirt nor
lobbed the truss nor
nail the arm nor
aim the tool nor
fold the sot nor
rasp the plunge nor
call the sang nor
said the comb nor
clot the hip nor
ash nor write the


drug it out an
hem it sot an
boo it off an
fill it through an
cue it gnat an
dry it full an
leave it clot an
mail it why an
store it crash an
nate it mite an
rum it cough an
fry it stun an
nod it on an


roof mute or
claw mute or
bowl mute or
edge mute or
hash mute or
goil mute or
hum mute or
hymn mute or
him mute or
gush mute or
rob mute or
own mute or
knot mute or
)not mute or(


buncha hopper ships said oh
lotta lapper drips said oh
flowing ditches crust said oh
mender pants lead said oh
muddy nest roof said oh
crummy blat meat said oh
gummy not half said oh
inner pelt shut said oh
clinging gut drop said oh
slap said oh ringing strut


sod den cage or
hip pen cage or
rul lure cage or
nip purr cage or
shoal dirt cage or
rant cid cage or
cheep pent cage or
doo bled cage or
knot ted cage or
wall owed cage or
lid cage less or


bat hump the
shade hump the
core hump the
corn hump the
drone hump the
gosh hump the
drag hump the
spall hump the
dram hump the
door hump the
glue hump the
hump crisp the


bum ham your lock groaner
rate chump your lock meater
bone hall your lock gasoline
roll gun your lock damper
mail flood your lock spitter
fuel gap your lock drifter
sank jaw your lock blunder
champ wipe your lock valvoline
bowl clump your lock brainer
nab spread your lock crawler
flab your lock glass blinking