Tuesday, April 10, 2007

andrew topel & jim leftwich

the path peels )plus( the uh 'tip' gargles
((lloocckk tthhee uunnbboorrnn))
flea "grabber" :teethin: 'on' "ads" (su(prize) kissy)
knis oh lamb-like socks wallowin' gang-green
mass resinates 'laggin' lolly-popper er' [tomb] }stinks{
'gift' hiccup um at least poochy housed mutt sinks "dum'me"
alive a liver peerin' noodle snipper taffy route ticklish
oh sargeant grass & lip & pew & pan ho grinny
o the lock flea sink mass gift alive
o path the grabber lamb
o resin hiccup liver sargeant
o peels teeth socks like luggage yeast peer grass
o plus borne pads hollow pepper porch snip dew
o drip soup fang or bomb horse laughing fan