Friday, March 02, 2007

andrew topel & jim leftwich

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tuck that 'toga' a hingin' on goop slobber oh wart "nappin'" unties my cataracty
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'achoo' ache who's my (moron) west of lobotomy cagney & lacey dribble spAM
rouse the 'rat terrier' the face erased as 'i' saw gravel vaguely malleable (abe's limber)
name the rash smIlIn' annihilation)s( supposition jasper gaspy "toe (in) tupperware" ~ w here

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hangery 'frusteration' i-re-it-er-ate it you mortal fussy fusion of rot ty t.v. deepens
discuss ;ills: silly sucker ruckus sugar taffy of "sam" me or ' ,my, ' t rust of ty rant (Y)( .
robe a 'medic' tHAT endimic middlish puddle "ah lofts" . , . "rover""bile" )nomad/no'matter
can 'em :i: can 'lure' a commie sippin' scabs knabbed 'em in'a'back'a knees (sneeky)

no 'crime' microphone "PORK" teemin' wit' vision simmer
battle tenacious "cinder pickles" sICKy turtles huh hurdle dUh
stowed it in my sores ploppin' canker knock knock cash yr "oops" melon
re-remember m ur der duh oh yes sew my snob back "on" boss :i'd"; d i e
kill'a'pack'a ants peelin' out'a mickey siftin' flew er flower wolfin' w(h)itch Y
whose chew ! sow of water rare shift "it" to my song golly noggin

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