Saturday, January 20, 2007

peter ganick & jim leftwich


Mints strings melodic intent for the grab, let birds and ladders kite. Lit sprawl for presence to show askew hovercraft inventing kit so nearly spray anew minced scrawl upon the apron map. woken to knot nests feet in contretemps of the hodie elison flight, write glyphs against the burgeoning sky, letter yardarms thresh a dapperly covered instrument of the rites ourselves are knit and flew, as always. Fleet aslant dantes among eyes askance, since by chance exact, enacts will to soar incense.



Bitch boggle forms frolic contiguous with switches unlit tiling swath of
clock, dimmer recents grail thickly frappe textural novas until toils
beneath the midnight scumble. Hunts blench. Wifters shimmer, a gloss
flubba bilges weatherly prompt from decoys and defoe. Simmering
recoils gristle blanch and gist, swee pith when worg mist which witch
spatless into the spotless pot. Cogs sun and sweat locks. We broom
tiles addled tiles of rapt flies, unfortunate metal. Dwell traipse tethers
none. Clamps dawn, prongs frown and clogs refurbish a clump of soil,
hindered by noon breath.