Saturday, January 27, 2007

peter ganick & jim leftwich


mirrors toll for independence datelessness.
rueful riders in th night. would elsewhere be
another willing fringe eacalaltes th overage
melody, caro syrup imperatives slight intent
while vases preempty as culpable. scrimmage
materia viscera on teevee, 'youch', the oval
office of maddness. a cup of sound sets null
woon fabricates terrarium reach out toehold
mir th endlessness of textural eindrucken-
heit, vital xylophones. sloe shoe each snout,
meep slow clone. ails anvil therein the couch
taffy know-it-alls, one sets down a cup of th
image repenting soar art-facts, also, rummage
salsa, peroxides thought in thoughtfulness is
revealing slices of estampies. content empirical
crawling er those to rave th suggestible wood
it be else. latter unless pendant or terrors doll.

peter ganick 01.27.07
& jim leftwich 01.27.07