Saturday, January 20, 2007

andrew topel & jim leftwich

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'shrivel' worker fudge ; ah ; rule atta'boy , . uh
teeth 'pam' tare'away'a suds man'sure'sore ' atta'boy , . uh
gum guzzle duh red tub bew'we'bowin'' atta'boy , . uh
sleet drug uh huh huh :flip: flab O egnops atta'boy , . uh
puck'er a kosher "huh" glib ligament i atta'boy , . uh
atta'boy , . uh sat U rated elk radical rraaccee E
atta'boy , . uh ghost oh soggy goulash ;burn; words sore
atta'boy , . uh stuh um liar camera E! gab brick'a
atta'boy , . uh'dum mut'raw lullaby by 'em "slit" it
atta'boy , . uh gofer go o yip e ,guns. uh
atta'boy , . uh hu . , yob'atta

slit the light in mosh ravel working teeth
spit the ligament in gloom muzzle skeet
slip the pills in bug trucker holster gnats
spill the lip in snark budge hare at play
split peas in dread buzzard ruins hat
pal slap lapse in host stump dimmer sofa
slap the pills in fog door ruling mud
pal lap, lip pal in blue mane weaver zip
al gore pore lap in globe slate snowy mire
perhaps um or... in mute law gopher tip
muppet pet little in cob batter hatter toy
eh um tepid in lure blow eggs and mint
pit tip pride in nose log codicil milk
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dire 'me' mud in skull by grunt at face
dummy thumb in turn slab snit wick birds
' sammy ' in slit in spit slip spill in split
muther tummy my my "yams" in slap